Disposable Barber Razor

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disposable barber razor is a plastic material razor with a platinum fixed blade this is meant with ABS plastic material the best plastic material as hard as steel which helps barber more conveniently use this razor for best results

this is a folding razor as like traditional razor and is packed in single case which is sealed fully and sterilized fully



disposable barber razor is the most used disposable item in barber procedures this is the disposable products with a blade cover on it once it is broken then only the blade is ready for usage and once used it can not be used any more as u are already aware of this is a used razor

salon disposables and disposable salon razor



3 reviews for Disposable Barber Razor

  1. Ratan Mehra

    Good product

  2. Ratan Mehra

    Very good product

  3. Kamal

    Have requirement

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