lichtwitz these are the diagnostic antrum puncture trocars and cannula. They are meant for various applications in ent surgeries . These are available in with different sizes from 1 mm,2 mm,3 mm depending upon surgery requirements. They are also known as puncture needles. Most of applications are for rhinology surgeries. trocars is different for different ages like adult and pediatric. we only follow german standards for manufacturing. the stainless steel used is medical grade. we use 100% cnc machines to maintain standards.


There are several areas of usage Major applications are as under:

  • Nasal sinus surgery
  • Conform presence of puss in maxillary sinus
  • Cytological examination of antral wash out fluid
  • Lavage of the maxillary sinus
  • Introduction of medication
  • Indwelling polythene tube into the sinus.
  • starting the sinus operations
  • sinus repairing only solution
  • adult and pediatric


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